Pancake Milkshake Diner: Where Food Fight Dreams Come True

January 15,2019 by Elizabeth Walker

Kitties and bunnies get their revenge, and it is sweet.

Pancakes and milkshakes. Who knew such a sugar-loaded combo could end up as a pop culture favorite? For fans of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest hit film, this pairing just might have been a pinnacle moment of 2018.

“Pancake Milkshake,” as it is fondly dubbed, first appeared in the teaser trailer for the then upcoming film and features a toddler in a car seat playing a basic mobile game. The concept is simple: bunny gets the pancake; kitty gets the milkshake. All is going well until Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz find their way into the mobile game and quickly glom on to the pancakes, feeding the bunny until it literally explodes (off camera, of course…it’s a Disney film). To no surprise, the little girl is terrified and lets out a horrified scream at the culmination of the gluttonous scene.


Pamela Ribon, writer of Ralph Breaks VR and co-writer of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

This breakout moment came from Pamela Ribon, co-writer for the film and writer for Ralph Breaks VR. Inspired by her own daughter playing a simple mobile game in the back seat of her car, Pancake Milkshake took form early in the filmmaking process and quickly won the hearts of fans. So much so that, although it was actually cut from the film at one point during development, the filmmakers decided to bring it back and place it as a special end credits scene.

For our latest hyper reality experience, Ralph Breaks VR, the chance to dive deeper into Pancake Milkshake was an exciting proposition from the initial concept stage. ILMxLAB Lead Experience Designer Jose Perez III says, “One of the first questions we asked ourselves was, ‘what happened in that diner after Ralph overfed that bunny? I mean, the animals must be pretty freaked out by that right?’ The idea that the bunnies and kitties would want revenge came out of that [thought].”


New Pancake Milkshake Diner artwork from Ralph Breaks VR.

Ralph Breaks VR transports you right into the heart of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ visualization of the internet, recreated by ILMxLAB in real time. Alongside Ralph and Vanellope, disguised as standard residents of the internet called Netizens, your team is brought into the expansive, color-saturated World Wide Web to begin your adventure. The loveable Ralph, much to Vanellope’s chagrin, does your team zero favors (but he means well). His general ability to wreck everything around him immediately gets you on the radar of the story’s new villain, B.E.V., whose name means Built to Eradicate Viruses.

On your quest to escape this seemingly impending eradication, your team ends up in none other than Pancake Milkshake Diner. Hordes of the adorably angry animals are running amok, throwing cupcakes at anything that moves, as Ralph dangles inelegantly from the ceiling. Like elephants, these kitties and bunnies have long memories – and they want revenge for their fallen furry comrade. Your team’s job is to help him escape from their frosting-filled wrath while your knee-deep in utter confectionary chaos.

“On top of wanting revenge, the kitties and bunnies are being commanded by B.E.V. who now thinks our guests are a virus. So, all that combined equals really grumpy furry animals armed with a supply of cupcakes, ready to deliver Ralph’s comeuppance,” says Perez.

Experience screenshot from Ralph Breaks VR.

You’ll fight back with Pancake and Milkshake Launchers, which are actual props integrated in the experience with this groundbreaking hyper reality platform by our collaborators at The VOID, and do your best to help Ralph get out of yet another pickle. These treats have been weaponized for the ultimate food fight in Pancake Milkshake Diner.

Throughout the experience each team member will earn or lose points for your own individual score, so if you’re competitive, remember: bunny gets the pancake; kitty gets the milkshake.

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